We started the same time last year with badagasongs.in and are 1 year now.
We thank one and all!..for all the support to our site..

We , Badagas of the Nilgiris, along with our rich heritage and history have enormous dedication towards our culture. Our cultural music, dance, food & customs are unique and admirable.

Our try via this site is to make sure the traditional music of ours gets into the World Wide Web as much as we can ( of course, we realize there are already lot of great sites celebrating our music). We had tried to post as much songs as we can for now..and would keep uploading/directing/sharing, all old fantastic hits and new ones on the rage. Our aim and long term liking is sharing all the great badaga songs we had heard and enjoyed for decades.

Songs on our website are a sample of our traditional music, completely copyrighted by their owners. We added all these songs to download and listen, giving all credit to the great minds which created these pieces of music. If you enjoy the songs and the site, please purchase the original CD /DVD's (and if possible ship it to your known ones abroad) and support the creators, would be of great help.

Enjoy Maadivi.